Bangkok is back-Better than ever!

Now is probably the best time to travel to Thailand- maybe ever!  Crowds are down, you can get a reservation at any great restaurant – and there are so many –  security has never been higher and traffic is down. Everyone is so glad to see Americans, and bargains abound.  The Mandarin Oriental Bangkok is still the Queen-unmatched service and such a warm welcome! One of their inhouse restaurants, Lord Jim’s continues to serve amazing seafood with a great view of the entertaining river traffic.
 Other good hotels are the Penninsula, Four Seasons, Sukothai, and a lovely new one- the Lebua. Rooms go up to the 62nd floor- incredible views! The Lebua has Mezzeluna and Sirroco restaurants. Two of BKK’s tops.
 If you are trying to figure out where to take your next trip, call you favorite consultant and book a trip with A&K Thailand.  Their planning is terrific. They are the only company that will meet you at the plane and get you through customs upon arrival. They have a marvelous ground operation. They know all the good spots, hotels, shopping, restaurants. They actually go out and personally visit sites, and hotels, so it is first hand knowledge.

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