Your travel wish list!

Between August 16 and 20, I will be at the Bellagio Hotel in Las Vegas for Virtuoso’s annual professional show, Travel Mart.
While in Las Vegas, I will have appointments with representatives from hundreds of Virtuoso hotels, cruise lines and tour companies.
The contacts I make during these meetings are the people with whom I work when you have special requests with Virtuoso properties around the globe.
Building these relationships is an integral part of representing you best.
I would love for you to help me make the most of this important trip.
Before I leave town, if you would, do a little dreaming!
Please send me a personal “wish list”, by email, with a few destinations you would like to visit over the next few years. This way I will be able to keep an eye out for your travel interests during my meetings. Also if you have specific questions for any properties, please share those and I will do my best to have them answered directly by their representatives.
Thank you for taking the time to send me your list.
I look forward to planning special trips for you after I return.

Catherine Whitworth
An independent associate of Sterling Brownell Travel
a * VIRTUOSO* agency
A Member of the Tzell Travel Group
DS Thailand, Hong Kong ,SE Asia
398 Dearing Street
Athens, Georgia 30605
Telephone 706 714 3766

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