I have the privilege of attending the PURE conference for the first time this year. I, for one, am thrilled!  Setting up appointments has been a most interesting learning experience, but more about that later. I will be staying at  villas des Orangers, la Sultana, and Kashbah tamadot.

PURE’s focus is experiential travel. Experiential Travel – As defined by PURE: ‘A journey away from home, involving a truly memorable and powerful experience (active, cultural, natural, social or spiritual)
 that will enrich a person’s life and improve the way they connect with both loved ones and with the world’.
 This is from their newsletter
PURE Life Experiences wants to keep you one step ahead of the latest travel trends and innovations in the travel business. As the world becomes more conscious of ethical and sustainable issues our aim is to embrace these factors and to help our members identify, manage and thrive from these challenges. As our conference speakers are getting excited about initiating a movement we want you to join us and be a part of it. PUREists around the world can learn how to be more ethical and sustainably advanced whilst also increasing profitability. It’s simply looking at things from another angle and understanding best practice.
PURE  is being held in Marrakech. Participating hotels are : 
Es Saadi Gardens & Resort
La Mamounia 
La Sultana
Naoura Lucien Barriere Hotel & Ryads
Royal Mansour, Marrakech
Sofitel Palais Imperial
I do a good deal of active and cultural travel, and meeting with that type of supplier would be very valuable and very informative

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