New York, New York

It is always wonderful to get to the city and see old friends. I also have had the pleasure of visiting with clients and firming up future travel plans. I am staying with a friend and last night he had a most delightful dinner party for a friend visiting from Indonesia, Jerome Abel. He just opened a very successful gallery showing at Ralph Pucci Gallery the night before. In attendance were some of my most favorite clients, Preston and Theo, Jerome, Matthew, Vicente, and Ralph Pucci himself-wow! I was in high cotton! The table was beautifully set and the evening was filled with laughter.
Today I had lunch with an old friend, Jerry Rose, who has emerged with a stunning event planning business-of course, Jerry Rose. His
partner John Simodis was a pleasure to meet and I look forward to
working on some new trips for them. Check out Jerry’s new website: Tonight more visits with old friends Jose Nunez and
Aliye Simavi-I really miss Fred. And another of my favorite clients the Redleafs.

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