On our way to Dubai

I am taking  a really fun group to Kenya  for Safari, stopping in Dubai on the way.
The group is Susanne and Woody Chastain, Nelson and Pam Bowers and we will meet up with Vince and Barbara Dooley in Nairobi.  
We are flying Delta’s new business class pod flight. One seat by the window and two in the middle.  You are encased in your own  pod. The seat goes completely flat so it make this 14 hour flight a little easier to take.  Good food, lots of movies. We start with a glass of champagne-yay!
In Dubai, we  spend the night at The Address. We are meeting an Athens native, Chris Timberlake who now flies for Emirates Air-I hear he just made Captain!
 Looking forward to seeing him; his parents are Richard and Hildegard Timberlake. 
Can’t wait to see Dubai at night! The  hotel has a bar in the top of the tower, so the view should be amazing. 

1 thought on “On our way to Dubai

  1. Catherine,
    Heidi and I enjoyed getting together with you all last night. How exciting to see folks from home here in Dubai. I’m certain your safari experience will be an unforgettable adventure indeed. All our best to the Dooley’s when you see them.
    I hope we can get together when you come back through Dubai. All the best from us both. KEEP DISCOVERING!

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