Brilliant game day drive

After we finished our heavenly Champagne breakfast on the Plains, we went on a drive. Immediately our driver, Benson, picked up a huge male lion. We tracked him for about 40 minutes because he looked like he was hunting, and there was a huge herd of zebra across the river. He would stand, smell the air and listen to the honking of the zebra herd. Finally he decided he was hot and just dropped down in some long grass. As we drove along we noticed vultures fighting over a kill, and two lappets dropped in. They were a spectacular sight, they land feet first and their wing span is around 6 feet across. we came upmto the river and watched a herd of 600 zebra. We thought we would see a crossing, but there were three huge crocs in the water. We saw one zebra get attacked, but he kicked the croc, and got across safely. Fabulous! On the way back to the lodge, Gavin, our brilliant hawkeye guide spotted a leopard in the bush and we turned around to watch him cross a swamp. Hard to top a day like that.

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