Hats off to Bones – Atlanta

After another amazing lunch today and having had my son’s DIVINE Birthday dinner last week, I have to stop and give this restaurant a well deserved mention. 
Starting with the unparalleled wine list posted on an iPad-the first in the country to do so- they have dotted their i’s on every level. Steaks are their specialty and their filets melt in your mouth. No better in Atlanta. 
Upon arrival one is welcomed by name by Marty, Emile and or Dan and seated immediately if at all possible.  The feel is warm and clubby, and the waiters are like family. One particular waitstaff member, Johnathon watched over both my son’s proposals to their brides-actually the whole staff seem to be in on it! He stops to see the grandchildren’s pictures every time I have dinner there. One of the secrets to Bones is the length of stay of their waitstaff.  They are career not just temporary. They know their clients and that name recognition goes a long way. Bones is firmly but lovingly guided by Susan DeRose and Richard Lewis. They absolutely have that golden touch. They also own Blue Ridge Grill and OK Cafe. 
If you want a place to take clients and have them impressed  or just want to be fluffed, there is no better spot in Atlanta. Simply the best.

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