The Iconic Orient Express Monasterio- Cusco, Peru

I was just so pleased to finally see the spectacular Orient Express Hotel Monasterio. I had heard so much about it, and my clients all raved about the wonderful service.I know now why the service is so incredible: the GM Gustavo de Leon. He is everywhere and adores his job! I have never seen such happy employees and that comes from the top.
We had the privilege of experiencing an Opera Dinner at Monasterio the first night after a cocktail party in the gorgeous Chapel at Monasterio( the chapel in no longer consecrated). What an incredible setting! I have never seen anything quite as glamorous. All that gold!
We were entertained by the number one Soprano in Peru, and her husband. The duets were unforgettable. What an amazing memory. Monasterio offers that dinner each Friday night. I recommend it to anyone. I will be sure to put it into every itinerary I plan for Cusco. Rooms are bright and comfortable- decorated with serious paintings and antiques. Not monastic in anyway. Such a thrill to be there.

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