San Sebastián Spain – Hidden Michelin Starred Gem

Opera House San Sebastián Spain
Situated in Northeastern Spain, on the Atlantic, 30 minutes below Biarrit France, San Sebastián is in Basque Country. Residents point out that gastronomy is an art form and it flourishes in San Sebastián. Of the eleven 3-Michelin star (the highest there is) restaurants in Spain, three are in San Sebastián. The city holds a total of 18 Michelin stars by the city’s culinary chefs. San Sebastián is one of the cities in the world to hold the highest number of Michelin stars per square metre (only beaten by Kyoto in Japan, and well ahead of cities like Paris and Lyon).

Pinchos Menu- Basque Tapas

Basque cuisine is wide-ranging and varied; it is based on ingredients sourced from the Cantabrian sea (fish and seafood) and from the local gardens and farms (vegetables, cereals, meat, etc.). But if any one feature stands out in their gastronomy, it has to be the use of seasonal, top quality produce.

Typical market presentation in San Sebastián,s Market

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