A visit to a Massai Village

We paid a visit to a Massai tribal village. They greeted us with a traditional welcome dance which incorporates jumping as high as one can. The men are the warriors and their job is to protect the village and cattle from predators. The women do everything else including BUILDING their houses. The Massai tribe is Christian and the entire village of 60 formed a circle with us and started our visit with a prayer. Very moving. we then proceeded to visit a home and meet the children. The proper greeting when you meet a child is to but your hand on their head. They walk up to you with their head bowed. The grand finale of our visit was an outdoor market., under a giant Acacia tree. The ladies do all the crafts themselves-beautiful beaded work. Each lady laid out a cloth and put her items on it. We walked around a big circle and picked what we wanted, then we go to the shade and negotiate. Needles to say we got some great deals. I have presents for my daughters and friends. Of course I bought a red necklace for one of of my best friends, Jane Kimbrell. I buy her a red necklace every place I go. She is getting quite a collection.

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