Sunset mountain

Let me backup and say that Vince and Barbara Dooley caught up with the group in Nairobi, so we are a happy group of 7.
Yesterday  we went on a morning game drive which ended in delightful bush breakfast. Everything from omelets to fresh fruit on long tables draped with Massai Warrior plaid tablecloths and camping chairs. Lunch was buffet- amazing what they can do in a remote camp kitchen. This camp has a gorgeous organic garden, so all the vegetables and salads can be eaten with no worries. A quick swim, then we went for a LONG walk through a volcanic rock field. Not much fun but great exercise. We ended with a climb up a 1500 foot hill and a surprise bar for “sundowners”, watching the sunset on the right and a pink Killimanjaro on the left. We really earned our gin and tonics. Woody turned into Chas Woods. No, he did not get over served!

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