Shopping in Shanghai

For folks that love to shop, Shanghai can be considered by many Nirvana. The Ritz Carlton engaged a company called Shopping Tours Shanghai for a day activity for our group.
Two ladies, Suzy Fewtrell and Claire Theaker-Brown who are residents of Shanghai took us on a day of high powered shopping. They questioned us on what we wanted to see and proceeded to take us to the best dealers, determining the best buys, and in general succeeded in distilling thousands of choices to the very best. They continually go around and seek out dealers in all areas of interest – pearls, jewelry, silk, tailors, jade, handbags, clothing, antiques, shoes – you name it. They determine if it is real,who has the best quality, and what one should pay for it. They can tailor a tour for your desires, or if you prefer, a solo experience is possible. They are also up on all the latest hot, top restaurants, and have a website if you want rheum to personal shop for you. I may be emailing them to pick items I missed!
A great day!

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