Brownell weekend- best bosses in the world.


Shopping in Shanghai

For folks that love to shop, Shanghai can be considered by many Nirvana. The Ritz Carlton engaged a company called Shopping Tours Shanghai for a day activity for our group.
Two ladies, Suzy Fewtrell and Claire Theaker-Brown who are residents of Shanghai took us on a day of high powered shopping. They questioned us on what we wanted to see and proceeded to take us to the best dealers, determining the best buys, and in general succeeded in distilling thousands of choices to the very best. They continually go around and seek out dealers in all areas of interest – pearls, jewelry, silk, tailors, jade, handbags, clothing, antiques, shoes – you name it. They determine if it is real,who has the best quality, and what one should pay for it. They can tailor a tour for your desires, or if you prefer, a solo experience is possible. They are also up on all the latest hot, top restaurants, and have a website if you want rheum to personal shop for you. I may be emailing them to pick items I missed!
A great day!

Saying a prayer -Jade Buddha Temple Shanghai


View of the Bund and Eastern Shanghai


Ritz Carlton Pudong

I was perfectly happy with my very comfortable, warm happy family stay at the Portman Ritz Carlton. I could not imagine how anything could be better in Shanghai. Then we moved over to experience the other Ritz Carlton-on Pudong.
I have to say, I am dazzled by the brand new- one year old Ritz Carlton Pudong. It is a completely different hotel style, very sophisticated, slick, and glamorous- heavy Deco influence. The rooms are either River/ Bund view or City view. Not a bad view in the place. Enormous 24 Hour gym, fabulous spa, the Club level is a must book. Contemporary Art is everywhere. It is bright, and most welcoming. The staff is typical Ritz Carlton- state of art drop at your feet, nothing is more important than your every wish, everyone calls you by name -awesome. I had a Bund view room. Floor to ceiling windows bed facing the city, 51st floor amazing view, especially at night. The Bund is a line of historic British buildings built in the early 1800’s that line the river and then eastern Shanghai grows out beyond. All those skyscrapers lit at night- fab.
They hotel has a new very hot and trendy spot on top of the building called Flair. Jaw dropping views of the city from the 54th floor. I am told reserving a table goes for $400- and there is a line to get in!

Club level Ritz Carlton Pudong-Shanghai

View from my bed Ritz Carlton Pudong


TV Radio tower Shanghai

Apothecary shop Shanghai


Jade temple Shanghai



I am visiting Shanghai as a guest of the Ritz Carlton Hotels. I have stayed in other hotels here, but I must say for a big hotel, it feels very intime. A good bit of the comfort comes from the service. Ritz is renowned for it’s personal service, but I think this one is extra special- it may have to do with the Asian sensibility of making a guest feel welcome but they all know our names, they are to fault solicitous of our needs, they are genuinely happy to have us in their country. A liitle retail therapy also helps, I had a suit made immediately for a song. They have a tailor onsite. I am sititng on the club level having a delightful breakfast. There is something about Asia that is very intriguing.

Brand new appearance for my blog! Hope you like it!

I enlisted Taylor McCleskey from Atlanta, to help me polish up my blog appearance, and I really like it. I would love to hear what you think.
Looks like my next trip is a visit to the Hamptons to visit a friend in Montauk in July. It is one of my favorite yearly trips. We work on his next year travel plans. Always stimulating and lots of fun.
Then I will be off to Shanghai for a look at the Ritz Carlton Hotels.
Hard to beat Ritz Carltons! I am flying American so I am interested to see their flying experience. I am a Delta girl from birth.