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Polar Bear Capital in October- Churchill Manitoba

Such a thrill to see polar bears in ther natural habitat!

In October, polar bears converge in Churchill Manitoba, after spending the summer foraging in the countryside.
The rivers start freezing and the ice flows into the Hudson Bay. Polar Bears’ major food source are seals, and as the ice on the bay freezes over, the bears can get out to the seals. Churchill was founded in the 1600’s as a trading post for the fur trade by the Hudson Bay company. Located on the southwestern side of Hudson Bay, Churchill turns into the Polar Bear Capital starting around October.
Thanks to Natural Habitat Adventures, our Brownell group of advisors had the privilege of experiencing the adventure of a lifetime.

Canyon Ranch : a special gift to yourself

Canyon Ranch

It has been 10 years since I attended Canyon Ranch. I thought I would forget all the procedures, but it was like getting back on a bike. Devoted to health – both mental and physical, Canyon Ranch is a beacon for anyone who wants to improve their life. A place to regroup your body and mind- de stress, lose weight, improve your health, de stress, increase your spirituality, detox, did I mention de stress(?) – the list of how to move toward lifetime wellness is completely covered.

125th Anniversary weekend in Birmingham

I had the pleasure of spending the weekend with my company, mighty Brownell Travel.
It was a celebration of their 125th anniversary. All of the consultants meet annually to help iron out problems and learn new ways of doing business, but this was an extra special weekend. We had the tremendous support of some of the top Vendors in world: Ritz Carlton, Four Seasons, A&K Africa, Europe, US, IC Bellagio from Italy, The Tailor- Drew Kluska (the top operator in Australia) flew in from Australia, Orient Express Hotels, Natural Habitat, St. Regis and Starwood hotels, cruise lines Regent, Silversea, Crystal and Oceania were represented. That’s just a few of the splendid vendors. We offered silent and live auction trip packages to benefit the Alabama hurricane disaster, and raised $180,000.00. Makes me proud to be such a small part of an amazing company. We have a new logo which I will send separately. I love red!
Tomorrow I will be off to Cuba. Writings to follow!

Brownell weekend- best bosses in the world.


A look at an interesting camp in Kenya


Catherine Whitworth is a Certified Travel Associate with Sterling Brownell Travel. Her destinations specialties are SE Asia, Thailand, and Hong Kong. Her favorite destinations are SE Asia, Africa, France, Italy and India. She has been successfully designing travel experiences for travelers for 18 years.

Lizard at the Moonstone Mine