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Dreaming of returning to one of the most fascinating cities in the world

Paris at the top of the travel list

Paris Still Has The Magic

Louvre by the Seine

Paris still has her magic. Certainly the top romantic destination in the world, Paris never fails to please. Whether one’s focus is art, music, photography, fashion, history, food or wine, Paris is the ultimate. It is indeed a royal city.

Hotel de Sully – Historic monument near the Marais

Palais Royal

This is why I love my job- thank you note from a client visiting Paris.

Dearest Catherine
You are a consummate professional, but your kindness and attention to detail exceeds “professionalism” to attain “amazing human status”. Thank you so very much for taking such good care of me. The hotel was lovely and the staff charming. i would absolutely stay there again-particularly as i did not have to default on my mortgage to do so.
Your mailed materials were elegant and first rate and worked to get me super excited before the trip, I only wish I could have stayed longer, but next time I shall.
I hope to work with you again, both for moi and for my clients, you are a true gem.