Galapagos: One of a Kind Archipelago

Red Footed Booby

Red Footed Booby

Nasca Booby- Genovese Island, Galapagos

Nasca Booby- Genovese Island, Galapagos

Galapagos is must experience for any Intrepid Traveler!
I had the privilege of sailing with Silver Sea Galapagos, a new expedition ship sailing the Galápagos Islands. We traveled to a different island- sometimes two, each day. Each island has it’s own marvels. Our first Island to explore was Genovese in the northern part of the group. It is aptly named bird island.

Insider Tips: Canyon Ranch

Flowers in abundance at the desert resort.
Some insider tips:
1.Prebook some of your treatments. They fill up fast.
2.Be sure to start your experience on the first morning with a program advisor.
They can help you plan what you want to accomplish, be it rehabilitate an injury, physical therapy, develop photography skills, target stress, fat loss, good nutrition plan for life, the list goes on…
3.Transfers are included but most guests don’t realize they can check in as late as midnight, so you can start your day early the next morning. To avoid the nightly rate- stay at the airport and they will pick you up early the next morning.
4.Be sure to request a boxed meal on you return transfer- it is included.
5.At this writing, treatments included for 4N are $670. For 7nights – $1200
6.Low season, when rates are the best, is June thru August.
6.Best room location – near the spa center and main building are casitas in the 100s-especially 101-104, and 163-178

Explorer – Atacama Desert, Chile

Volcano - it's not a painting View of the Volcano from Explorer Atacama  Lobby
Volcanos seen from the explorer lobby.

High contemporary decor- lots of whites. Explorer’s service is impeccable. Equate Explorer with activity: hiking, biking, and the only resort with horseback riding. Easy to extreme!

Top Hotels in Southern Chile


Singular Puerto Bories  Patagonia 
We stayed at the brand new Singular property near Puerto Natales in southern Patagonia
It was a sheep processing plant built between 1906 and 1914, and closed during WW11 . It is family owned and operated. The architect kept the factory fittings in the main building and added contemporary rooms onto one wing. 60 rooms and suites are in the hotel.  Rooms are large and very spacious in feel. Windows are floor to ceiling Bathrooms are well lit and spacious. The decor follows the industrial chic direction of the factory. Walls are  metallic, ceilings were cement color. Predominant colors were earth tones with  grey and black. contemporary feel. Uncluttered and pleasant. Meals and We found the restaurant delightful. 
One goes to Patagonia to hike, kayak, fish, horseback ride, mountain climb, rock climb. I have never in my life seen such glorious scenery.. Two major parks, the Andes mountain chain, lake and glaciers are your focus  One plus for Singular is they cover all of the area including Torres del Paine National Park. They also offer speedboating to see the Seranno and Balmaceda Glaciers, Patagonia Fiords and Lago Azul     The negative is that it takes 2 hours to drive to the park, so your day starts early.  Singular offers three activity levels for guests and about 30 offerings of trekking, biking, horseback riding, fishing and boating, kayaking. All guided by an expert staff.  They can be half day or whole day activities. One major note: in the summer one will be contending with gale force winds on you hikes. Be prepared with wind resistant clothing. 
Explora Patagonia 
It is all about the view at Explora. You are situated right in front of the Devil’s Horns in the 
Torres del Paine National Park.  Explora is situated in the middle of the park. The view is beyond breathtaking.  They also offer three levels of activities and about 35 choices of things to do. So activites can more flexible, which can be very good because the weather is often highly unpredictable .They have a strict 4 night minimum,  Singular does not have that restriction. The hotel seems more like a lodge. Rooms are smaller and more simple, as well as small bathrooms. But it is all about the view and convenience of being right in the park.  Explora also offers meals, transfers and activities. 

Great travel buddies

Wind was 50 miles an hour. Hey -yulp!

The bottom of the world

The bottom of the world
Remote, majestic, untouched, wind blown pampas, big sky, spectacular, unspoiled, pictures can’t capture the majic – all these words came to mind as I traveled to Punta Natalas. We are staying at the brand new Singular hotel at the bottom of the world. Activities include trekking on glaciers, hiking to the Torres del Paine National park, fishing, speed boating through the fiords, biking, horseback riding, and or bird watching in some of the most spectacular scenery I have ever experienced!