Dar Ahlam – Luxurious Setting Next To The Sahara

Formaly a Sultan’s hunting ground, the 19th Century Kasbah, Dar Ahlam, is stunning.
A Relais Chateaux property, Dar Ahlam is as famous for it’s comfort as well as it’s food.
You need at least 3 nights here to fully enjoy the place.

Stairwell view Dar Ahlam

Stairwell view Dar Ahlam



Ending with a high note: Singita Serengeti House and Singita Explorer

imageSingita Serengeti House- 4 bedroom Villa next to Sasakwa.

image Bathroom -Singita Sasakwa

Singita’s collection of properties : Sasakwa, Sabora(stationary tented camp), Faru Faru, Serengeti House and Explora( mobile tented camp) are probably the finest group of properties in Tanzania, if not all of Africa. Singita has a well established conservation plan, and philanthropy. One of the most successful ongoing community development projects at Singita Grumeti is the Grumeti Horticultural and Marketing Co-op Society (GHOMACOS), supplying the lodge kitchens with a constant flow of high-quality, freshly harvested, locally grown vegetables, herbs and fruits. Lodge guests are often surprised at the freshness and diversity of the juices, salads, vegetables, desserts and sorbets on the menus at Singita Grumeti, given the remote location of the five lodges and camps. Many guests are also appreciative of the fact that the food they’re enjoying is locally grown, benefits small-scale producers, and hasn’t clocked up unnecessary transport miles.
Every detail is perfect, the decor is to die for. All unique, all 5 Star in every way. Singita Saskwa also has the most comprehensive and beautifully equipped Equestrian Centre in Africa. SONY DSC My favorite SIngita Sabora

Singita Sabora Tented Camp- amazing food quality from a tent!

Recipes from the Road: Malva Pudding- Singita Grumeti Camps

Singita Sasakwa- image courtesy of Singita

Singita Sasakwa- image courtesy of Singita

Recipes from the Road: Singita Grumeti Saskwa

Probably the finest resort in East Africa, Singita Sasakwa is unrivaled in elegance.
Patterned after an English Manor House, Sasakwa sits over the Grumeti Plain offering magnificent views of game below.

VinaVik with our host Gonzague de Lambert

I tried my panorama lense.

Room at Explora Patagonia

Singular Patagonia

At the bottom of the world

Packing and planning for Chile: Patagonia and Santiago

I will be trekking in this area!
I am starting to pack for my first trip to Chile. I am really looking forward to it! The itinerary calls for lots of hiking activities and I can’t wait. I am so interested in the Torres del Paine National Park and we will be able to view up close and personal the Paine Massif. We fly into Santiago and then immediately fly to Puntas Arenas in Southern Chile. We will be staying at the Singular Patagonia. http://thesingular.com/puertobories-en
It is an old cold storage plant remade into a first class hotel. They offer 19 activty experiences from hiking to biking, horseback riding, sailing, birdwatching. Levels are easy to expert. I am deciding between trekking to the base of Torres del Paine, glacier trekking the Mirador Glacier grey, sailing around the Patagonia Fjords: Serrano and Balmaceda Glaciers, Lago Azul or a visit to Shotel Aike wetlands. We only have two full days to get in activities and each one take a whole day, so I have to choose wisely! My paperwork says I will only need my passport, hiking boots, camera and a light backpack.
Less is more. Ha ha….