Street scene Cusco


Find our group exploring Machu Picchu

I slipped off to shoot some pics from the top. Huffing and puffing!!

Machu Picchu built on a mountain top

This side plunges straight down.

Our Divine Day at Machu Picchu

We arrived at Machu Picchu at 1230P and for the next 4 and 1/2 hours, explored the ruins. What a photo op!
After our divine day at the site we visited Orient Express’s Sanctuary Lodge- located at the entrance of MP. When the crowds are gone you have the site to yourself.
We were treated to High Tea at Sanctuary Lodge -yum- before our amazing return trip back to Cusco on the Hiram Bingham. Met with trays of pink champagne, we thought the lunch trip was fun until we had the unforgettable experience of more singing, dancing dinner and drinks on our return. A very happy tired group tucked into bed that night at the gorgeous Palacio Nazarenas in Cusco- brand new sister hotel to the iconic Monasterio Hotel.
More about the hotels next!!

View from our table- Orient Express Hiram Bingham Train

Astounding vistas

Best way to reach Machu Picchu- Orient Express’s Hiram Bingham

The ultimate thrill is to explore the incredibly spiritual citadel, Machu Picchu.
Our group did it the fun way, we took the -luxury with a capital L -Hiram Bingham. Named for the explorer Hiram Bingham, who discovered MP in 1911.
It is an Orient Express train- done to death. I think they must have two employees for every guest. I was blown away with the welcome and care the staff took to make us happy.
We started with champagne, and the local specialty – Pisco Sour. In the early morning, no less!
We placed our order for lunch and enmass headed for the bar car. Orient Express Hiram Bingham absolutely has glamour and service down to a T. There was a musical group playing in the observatory car at the back of the train – next to the bar car, and we danced and sang the morning away. Lunch was a gourmet formal affair, four divine courses, and before we knew it we had arrived at our destination, Machu Picchu. It really is not just about getting to a destination, I have learned the journey is just as important. And what a journey. There are other options to get to Machu Picchu, Peru Train, and a four day trek, hiking the Inca Trail. But adding the Hiram Bingham is an unforgettable, delightful experience.

Machu Picchu

I have the distinct privilege of being a guest of Orient Express for a visit to Peru: Lima, Cusco, Machu Picchu and the Sacred Valley. Machu Picchu has always been on my wish list, and traveling with a company the caliber of Orient Express- one of the premier hotel, cruise and train companies in the world, is a no brainer. I am thrilled and honored to be in the group.

Delta has a direct nonstop from Atlanta to Lima so I booked it! One caveat: if you plan to connect with another flight in Lima, give yourself 3 hours. The line to clear customs averages 1 and 1/2 hours. Fast track service is not available. Another important know before you go: Cusco is 11,023 feet above sea level. Getting accustomed to less oxygen takes about 3 days. I strongly that you get altitude medication – it affects everyone.

The flight from Lima to Cusco is gorgeous – be sure to sit on the left hand side of the plane.
Majestic ice covered peaks are just below. Heading for Cusco, yay!

Flight from Lima to Cusco Peru